An IPAFFS pre-arrival notification is required for the import of certain product types shown below.  The products must be accompanied by a health certificate (or equivalent) as well as a catch certificate in the case of marine fish. The original health certificate must accompany the goods (not a copy).  
  1. Live animals
  2. Products of animal origin (POAO)
  3. High risk food and feed of non-animal origin (HRFNAO)
  4. Plants and plant products
We are already registered to complete IPAFFS declarations and require very little additional documentation from you to do this.   Officially the IPAFFS declaration must be lodged 24hours prior to arrival but this is likely to be reduced to 4 hours (as is the case with CHED's in EU).

Completion of an IPAFFS declaration returns a UNN number (format : IMP.GB.2021.1XXXXXX).  This number does not need to be shown on the accompanying health certificate except for products classed as HRFNAO (see above).   The UNN number is required for the GB import declaration to show that controls have been established.
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