Fresh Produce

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We have over 50 years’ experience handling frozen, chilled and ambient products and are experts in food commodities for both human and animal consumption.

We are specialists in the fruit and vegetable sector and work closely with the HMI (Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate) and PHSI (Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate) departments of DEFRA to ensure the necessary declarations and documents are submitted prior to perishable cargo arriving in the UK.

We are registered on the PEACH system to make these declarations which are in turn electronically linked with customs’ CHIEF system through ALVS.

We also handle all cheeses, yoghurts, milks, creams and by products.

What can we do for you?

We help fruit and vegetable / dairy companies based in the UK, EU and further afield navigate the minefield of DEFRA, Port Health and customs documentation / inspections in the UK. We maintain the highest levels of service to avoid any delays with customs declarations.

Fruit and Vegetable Import Guidelines:

⦁ Documents to be presented; Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Phytosanitary Certificate, Compliance Certificates, Organic Certificates (where necessary),

⦁ Description of goods is very important and must be type specific by variety.

⦁ Some countries have ‘self compliance’ agreements with the UK. In such cases they must dispatch the Compliance Certificates with their consignments.

⦁ Transit times are paramount when consignments are shipped with Compliance Certificates as the certificates are subject to validity and expiry dates.

⦁ Most fruit and vegetables are controlled at point of entry into the UK. To handle imports of this nature, clients need to be authorised as a registered importer.

⦁ Euroclear are an authorised agent with the UK Government Gateway system and we hold our own registration number.

⦁ The control system used by authorities in the UK is PEACH (Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates from the Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate).

⦁ More UK authorities require reports for fruit and vegetables than for any other refrigerated products and this requires interface with ALVS (Automatic Licence Verification System); Rural Payments Agency, Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate, Food & Environment Research Agency, Plant Health & Seeds Inspectorate and H.M. Revenue & Customs.

⦁ All documents should be submitted ‘electronically’ five days prior to arrival. On submission of the data we produce an HCG6i document.

⦁ The PEACH system uses a traffic light control system to indicate the progress each consignment is making and it’s current status.

⦁ Port Health must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of any organic produce in the UK. In order to sell organic produce in the UK, the importer will require in their possession an Organic Certificate stamped and signed by Port Health. Until Port Health have received the original Organic Certificate for checking they will not release the cargo so it is vitally important that this document is received in advance of arrival to ensure quick clearance and delivery.

⦁ As specialists in the fruit and vegetable market we understand that duty rates change with alarming regularity as the season progresses. Prompt customs clearance on arrival in the UK is often paramount to ensure the desired duty rate is achieved. Conversely, waiting just a few days after UK arrival to submit a customs entry can result in £1000’s saved on import duty. ⦁ The importation of fresh produce differs depending on the country of origin. ⦁ Most customers courier original documents which must be handled with great care as they cannot be replaced.
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